digital health & health systems

Digital health & health systems

Chinese health system reform in 2009 has made dramatic progress towards the universal health coverage. Improvement in the quality of primary healthcare, strengthening the healthcare workforce, and integration of the healthcare delivery and financing systems are still needed.

Healthy China 2030 prioritizes the strengthening of the health system to combat the emerging health issues such as non-communicable diseases, an ageing population and unhealthy risk factors. The digital health and health system research group works closely with The Centre for Health Systems Science in our global office and regional offices in Australia, India and UK, with a focus on tackling the challenges of delivering affordable, high quality health services and programs to Chinese communities using the innovative digital technologies. The digital health and health system research group currently prioritizes the research in food policy, healthy ageing, primary healthcare system, and serves as an academic evaluation partner for our social enterprise sector, George Health Technologies.