Strengthening health systems in China and Australia using Health Technology Assessment


Resource allocation in health is universally challenging. Pursuing a strategy of evidence-based decision-making and using tools such as Health Technology Assessment (HTA) can help address issues relating to both affordability and equity when allocating resources. HTA is a mechanism or process to support evidence informed decision making in the health system, in a consistent, fair and transparent process occurring within a well-defined legal framework. It provides valuable evidence which could be useful for decision-making in LMICs, both in terms of maximising health and enhancing equity.


The aim of the COoperation between Australia and China in HTA (COACH) is  to promote China-Australia co-operation in HTA through knowledge exchange and research collaboration.


The program will focus on developing collaborative capacity development including staff exchanges, research seminars, panel discussions and policy workshops.

How will this help:

Australia has used health technology assessment in policy-making for over 25 years and is a global leader. The project strives to build strategic alliance between Australia and China in Health Technology Assessment - an activity pivotal to the sustainability of the health sectors in both countries.

This initiative is in partnership with Fudan University and Peking University in China.

It is funded by The National Foundation for Australia-China Relations.

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