Group of intergenerational Mexican women looking at one another

Health and economic impacts of NCDs on women in Mexico

This collaborative research project between The George Institute for Global Health and the Mexican National Institute of Public Health (INSP) explores the health and economic impacts of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on women in Mexico.

The 20-month project, which is funded by the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research (AMIIF), employs mixed methods to deliver evidence-based insights into the drivers and characteristics of health inequities, particularly in relation to gender, as a consequence of NCDs. Women’s and patient’s voices, community members, and advocacy groups, as well as national and international experts, will be involved throughout the research process and guided by an expert advisory committee. Research outputs will include analyses of financial risk, lost productivity, and policy enablers, and will be of relevance not just to Mexico but to similar countries and contexts.

Research insights will be used to enhance system-wide efforts to improve the prevention, management, and treatment of NCDs for women in Mexico, and to expand financial protection programs, improve health and social outcomes and support the realisation of efficiency gains at the individual and health system levels.