Guided by the best in India

Professor Anushka PatelA group that includes some of India’s finest health and medical research experts will convene this week in Hyderabad as members of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of The George Institute India.

Meeting once a year, the RAC is an independent body that provides advice to the Board of Directors and Senior Management of The George Institute India. Its members represent India’s most esteemed health research institutions.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase our research strategy, focus areas and progress over the last twelve months. These are highly regarded experts who provide a valuable sounding board for ideas and feedback on the Institute’s performance against our mission to improve the health of millions,” said Acting Executive Director, Professor Anushka Patel.

The portfolio of research at The George Institute India has grown considerably since the Institute officially opened its doors in 2007. Currently, there are ten major studies  underway in injury prevention and chronic disease with particular focus on innovative ways to delivery healthcare solutions, particularly in disadvantaged populations.

“It’s an exiting time for The George Institute India, as we develop a number of new research programs that have the power to improve health outcomes in India. In particular our Million Indian Adolescents Study is gaining a lot of support, and I look forward to the Committee’s recommendations on the development of this project”, added Professor Patel.

The Million Indian Adolescents Study is the first study of its kind to collect comprehensive data on the health of India’s younger population.

“We believe that this study can truly help India’s future, and provide answers about the health and wellbeing of her future generation. Such information will allow us to better understand the causes of death, illness and disability among teenagers”, said Dr Pallab Maulik, Head of Research and Development at The George Institute India and the Director of this initiative.