French-speaking physiotherapists can now access PEDro

For the first time ever, French-speaking physiotherapists can now access PEDro, a global resource for evidence-based physiotherapy. The Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (CEBP), based in the Musculoskeletal Division was formed in 1999 by a group of clinical and academic physiotherapists. The goal was to get quality, up-to-date research about the effects of physiotherapy interventions to physiotherapists anywhere in the world.

The PEDro website has recently become available in French. The website is now available in five languages and is accessible anywhere in the world (other languages include English, Chinese, Portuguese, and German).

All trials stored on PEDro are rated for quality using the PEDro scale, with a total PEDro score used to rank the search results. These PEDro ratings are used to quickly guide physiotherapists to trials which are more likely to be valid and contain sufficient information to guide clinical practice for working with patients in real world situations.

In December 2010, PEDro users from the international physiotherapy community will be able to view over 17,500 trials, reviews and guidelines on PEDro.