Fight the Fear Breakfast Seminar

On the 27th of June 2019 The George Institute for Global Health held the Fight the Fear breakfast event at which the guests were invited to challenge their pre conceived notions about the possibilities of science and technology, changing the ways in which we think about and thereby solve social problems.

The brilliant, pioneering minds of Professor Martina Stenzel, Dr Haris Aziz and Dr Lee Rollins dived deep into some of the most ground-breaking current technologies including artificial intelligence, nano-particles and gene drives.

Some of the issues highlighted included the incredible possibilities of nano-particles delivering drugs more effectively to cancer patients; how artificial intelligence has the capacity to help solve the refugee crisis and the potential of gene drives helping to eradicate potential parasites and viruses if properly controlled.

The latest George Talks simulated thought provoking conversation and encouraged guests to leave with an open mind about the capacity of science and technology to change the way in which we deal with challenges in the world, and embrace the opportunities that new technologies can afford us.