Donation to charities on Mid-Autumn Day

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the moment for us to get together with our family and express gratitude to our loved ones. As the 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, The George Institute for Global Health at Peking University Health Science Center(TGI @ PUHSC) will donate to two medical charities in China as we did last year and devote ourselves to make a better world.

Since its inception in 2007, TGI @ PUHSC experienced a robust growth with the great help and support from our governmental and local academic partners and stakeholders. TGI @ PUHSC prioritises clinical and population health research that produces outcomes that are easily translated into practice, and effect real change within a short period of time to health policy and practice. The Institute moves forward towards its goals step by step.

As TGI @ PUHSC is becoming stronger, we have always kept our mission in mind to improve the lives of million in various ways. Every year when the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, instead of conveying our appreciation to the stakeholders with a gift of mooncakes, TGI @ PUHSC decides to donate the corresponding expenditure to California Heart Watch and Peking University Sunshine and Love Free Clinic (see the introductions below) to express our gratitude and help the vulnerable groups in China.

We would like to thank you for your support over the past years and hope that by our small donation at this festival time we can help those who are less fortunate in our society.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of our staff, stakeholders, and all healthcare workers around the world.

California Heart Watch is a charity led by Professor Robert Detrano specifically targeting the diagnosis and treatment of babies with congenital heart defects and the education and training of village doctors in hypertension research in rural Yunnan Province.

Peking University Sunshine and Love Free Clinic is a voluntary organization run by a group of students from Peking University Health Science Center. They provide free medical services to low income families and the disadvantaged in Beijing.