Academy Award for The George Institute’s Chief Scientist

Professor Anushka Patel’s outstanding contributions to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease has been recognised today in the annual Australian Academy of Science honorific awards.

Professor Patel is the recipient of the Gustav Nossal Medal for Global Health awarded for her “ground‐breaking research discoveries that have overturned conventional thinking about cardiovascular disease risk factor management”.

Professor Patel joins 17 other scientists, including Dr Irina Voineagu, Dr Zdravko Botev and Dr Alex Sen Gupta from UNSW Sydney, who received the prestigious honorific awards.

The scientists’ discoveries cross the breadth of science, from the threat posed by the melting ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, to solving the mysteries of the universe and interpreting how disruptions of brain connectivity can lead to mental illness.

President of the Academy of Science, Professor Andrew Holmes, congratulated all the award winners for their inspiring research.

“Research by this year’s awardees is addressing some of society’s biggest challenges and also changing the world for the better. It is absolutely crucial that we continue to recognise and support their outstanding contributions so that people continue to be reminded of the important role of science for humankind,” Professor Holmes said.

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