RESTORE Study to Provide Advice on Exercise, Safety and Ways to Protect Yourself Against Future Falls

Have you broken your leg or pelvis due to a fall in the past two years? Would you like to receive advice on exercise, safety and ways to protect yourself against future falls? Are you interested in improving your walking ability as well as supporting a research study into post-fracture exercise programs?

FREE exercise programs are being offered to older adults (60 years and above) as part of a unique research study aimed at improving mobility and reducing the risk of further falls in people who have suffered a broken leg, hip or pelvis from a fall.

The study, which is being run by The George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney, will evaluate home exercise programs individually tailored by a physiotherapist. Participants may also be invited to attend a ‘Stepping On’ program (a small group discussion and exercise program) which is being offered by the New South Wales Department of Health.

Each year in Australia over 20,000 older people suffer a hip fracture and following a fall, people often lose their confidence and are fearful of falling again. This can result in people becoming less independent.

“We know that regular exercise reduces the risk of falling in the general population of older adults, by around 30 per cent,” Associate Professor Cathie Sherrington, the study’s Chief Investigator said.

“However, we want to find out if an individually tailored exercise program can improve mobility and prevent future falls in people who have had a fall and suffered a fracture to their leg, hip or pelvis.

“The trial will help to shape government guidelines on how best to help older people who have suffered a fall-related fracture.”

To be eligible for this study you need to be 60 years or older and have suffered a lower limb or pelvic fracture due to a fall in the past two years. Participants also need to reside in Sydney or the Central Coast and Hunter regions of New South Wales.

To learn more about Recovery Exercises and Stepping on after Fracture (RESTORE trial) or to join this program, email Teresa Orr or call 9657 0378.