India Australian ties strengthened by VIP visit

The George Institute, India welcomed guests Dr Lachlan Strahan, Deputy High Commissioner from the Australian High Commission in New Delhi and Aminur Rahman, Consul-General at the Australian Consulate General  in Chennai to Hyderabad last week, introducing the VIPs to the scope and scale of work underway at the Institute.

Acting Executive Director of The George Institute, India, Associate Professor, Anushka Patel welcomed the VIPs to the Hyderabad offices before discussing the global and local work at The George Institute. The VIPs acknowledged the magnitude of work underway at the Institute and positive collaborations between the nations.

 The visit highlights several parallel priorities shared between India and Australia both from a research and policy perspective, in particular the desire to engage in priority-driven research and to produce health policy relevant outcomes.

 The George Institute was established in Sydney, Australia in 1999 and launched its base in Hyderabad, India in 2007 in response to the rise of chronic disease and injury.