George Institute receives $10 million in research grants.

The George Institute for Global Health has been awarded just over $10 million in research grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for projects scheduled to commence in 2011.

“These grants reflect the efforts of our researchers to further the boundaries of knowledge into some of the leading causes of illness and disease in Australia today,” said Professor Robyn Norton, Principal Director of The George Institute for Global Health.

“This grant round reflects the breadth of the work undertaken at The George Institute. The broad spectrum of projects; from research into the triggers for back pain to treatment methods for this suffering with type 2 diabetes, all will benefit from the research that is enabled through this round of grants.”

The projects awarded to the Institute include:

A randomised controlled trial of the effect of hydrocortisone on mortality in critically ill patients with septic shock

Researchers: Professor Bala Venkatesh, Professor John Myburgh AO, Professor Simon Finfer, Associate Professor Steven Webb, Dr Jeremy Cohen.
Grant amount: $3,270,080.40

The PRESERVE Trial: Prevention of Serious Adverse Events following angiography

Researchers: Professor Alan Cass, Dr Martin Gallagher, Associate Professor Graham Hillis, Associate Professor David Brieger, Professor Philip Aylward, Professor Derek Chew.
Grant amount: $2,323,394.40

INTERACT Expansion: Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction in Acute Cerebral Haemorrhage Trial

Researchers: Professor Richard Lindley, Dr Hisatomi Arima, Associate Professor Mark Parsons, Professor Jiguang Wang, Dr Christian Stapf.
Grant amount: $2,117,786.80

Triggers for low back pain

Researchers: Professor Chris Maher, Associate Professor Jane Latimer, Professor Bart Koes, Dr Fiona Blyth, Dr Paulo Ferreira.
Grant amount: $763,823.80

ADVANCE-ON: a post-trial observational study of ADVANCE

Researchers: Professor Anthony Rodgers, Dr Sophia Zoungas, Professor Stephen Harrap, Professor Stephen Colagiuri, Professor David Matthews, Professor Michel Marre.
Grant amount: $738,820.80

Evaluation of a novel electronic decision support tool for cardiovascular risk management- the TORPEDO study

Researchers: Associate Professor Anushka Patel, Dr David Peiris, Prof Timothy Usherwood, Professor Mark Harris, Associate Professor Noel Hayman, Associate Professor Kathryn Panaretto, Dr Julie Redfern, Professor Nick Zwar, Professor Stephen Colagiuri.
Grant amount: $573,693.20

What Determines Patients' Adherence to Treatment in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention? A Process Evaluation of The Kanyini-GAP Trial

Researchers: Associate Professor Stephen Jan, Professor Timothy Usherwood, Professor Jo-Anne Brien, Dr David Peiris, Dr John Rose, Associate Professor Noel Hayman, Dr Kirsten Howard.
Grant amount: $247,524.00

The full list of projects funded by the NHMRC is available on their website.