End Stage Kidney Disease Researcher wins 2012 Medical Scholarship from NHMRC

Senior Director of The George Institute for Global Health, Professor Alan Cass, today welcomed news from the National Health and Medical Research Council of a 2012 Medical Scholarship for an end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) researcher.

Professor Cass, who heads the Institute’s Renal and Metabolic Division, said nephrology trainee, Dr Amanda Wang, will study the impact of advanced kidney disease on musculoskeletal health.

“People with advanced kidney disease have poorer musculoskeletal health and physical functioning than the general population, which reduces their quality of life - a leading indicator of higher hospitalisation rates and mortality among people with ESKD,” Professor Cass said.

“Dr Wang’s NHMRC scholarship offers an exciting opportunity to bring together George Institute expertise in kidney and musculoskeletal research, under the supervision of Dr Meg Jardine in the Renal Division and Associate Professor Cathie Sherrington in the Musculoskeletal Division. This research will address gaps in the current evidence on musculoskeletal health in people living with ESKD to inform physicians and health care providers,” Professor Cass said.

“People with ESKD have multiple chronic conditions and treatment of this increasingly common condition costs the Australian health system almost $1 billion per year.

“We aim to develop a better understanding of musculoskeletal health and kidney disease to inform the development, implementation and evaluation of intervention programs to improve health and quality of life in this vulnerable population,” Professor Cass said.