commercial determinants of health

Commercial Determinants of Health (CDoH) Initiative

The Commercial Determinants of Health (CDoH) can be defined simply as the pathways through which commercial actors influence health either positively or negatively, and include the enabling political systems and norms.

CDoH include the impacts on health equity and wellbeing of commercial actors’ products and services, labour conditions, production externalities (such as environmental impacts), market strategies, and political activities such as lobbying and other political engagements. This broad area thus requires both deep and wide expertise, which is brought together at The George Institute, leveraging our existing expertise in Food Policy and Injury Prevention, and our wider expertise and links to other key initiatives under Healthier Societies.

The George Institute’s current work on CDoH includes but is not limited to:

  • Conceptual work on governance and accountability of CDoH
  • Food policy, including the influence of the food and alcohol industry on food and alcohol policy outcomes
  • Examination of autonomous vehicles and their impact on health
  • Use of e-cigarettes in younger populations
  • Injury prevention, including examination of use of child restraints
  • Policy and advocacy engagement and thought leadership to drive impactful change in CDoH.

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