Creating healthy, sustainable, city food environments

Levels of obesity in most cities are growing fast, as is the associated healthcare burden. Urban food provisioning – the way people in cities access food – is a significant part of the problem, but urban authorities around the world are starting to take a new approach; one that combines systems thinking and coherent policies with a people-centred approach that engages with inhabitants’ lived experience. This event will consider the potential of this new way of working, and how researchers can support city leaders, businesses and advocates to deliver a healthier urban food environment.

Keynote presentation followed by a moderated discussion

Professor Corinna Hawkes (Director, Centre for Food Policy, City University; Vice-Chair of the London  Child Obesity Taskforce; and Distinguished Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health)

Dr Jacqui Webster (Head of Advocacy and Policy Impact and Director of World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Salt Reduction, The George Institute for Global Health)

Panellists include:
Dr Brian Cook (University of Oxford)

Monica Gregory (Expert by Experience)

Dr Frances Hansford (Good Food Oxford, Consultant)

Jamie Izzard (Greater London Authority)

Please find the recording following: