The George Institute for Global Health is a global medical research institute that focuses on non-communicable diseases and injury.  With centres in four countries (Australia, China, India and the UK) and offices and staff in many others, we are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation. 

As a global organisation experienced in operating across time zones with flexible working hours, we are well suited to working remotely and continuing to deliver on our mission to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. 

A major focus for us is the safety and well-being of our staff across the globe and we are putting in place plans to ensure they are supported in their work and life, tailored for each setting we are in.   

The George Institute will be monitoring external events and adjusting accordingly, with our staff, partners and research programs, front of mind.

Building back better after COVID-19: The research agenda

Building back better after COVID19

The importance of chronic disease co-morbidity in terms of the impact of COVID-19 infection is a major learning from the pandemic, which has highlighted the need to escalate the battle against NCDs, not just for its own sake, but to build resilience and reduce the impact of this and future infectious disease outbreaks.

The George Institute is working on a series of analyses and outputs to highlight different aspects of the intersection of the pandemic with NCDs; the importance and impact of COVID-19 on NCD prevention and management in different contexts; and key research questions and innovation opportunities emerging as a consequence.

The George Institute India COVID-19 Response -Standing in Solidarity


The George Institute for Global Health is monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation in India closely. Our researchers are working with the Central and State Governments and providing assistance and advice in mounting a comprehensive and a whole of society and whole of community approach to the pandemic. This has included providing advice on a more comprehensive approach to quarantining, sharing evidence on the vulnerability of patients with chronic diseases to COVID-19, for example, kidney patients and those on dialysis. We generated new evidence through rapid evidence synthesis on the role of frontline health workers and how they can be protected with adequate personal protective equipment and training and are providing technical advice to the Government to mount a COVID-19 innovation challenge.

The current disruptions notwithstanding, we continue with our core business, which is conducting research to deliver on our mission to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. Your support will empower us to undertake more impactful research and projects to find treatment and influence public health activities around awareness, prevention and cure for COVID-19.

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