Dr Mahesh Ramanan

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PhD Candidate

Mahesh Ramanan is a Staff Specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at The Prince Charles and Caboolture Hospitals, QLD, Australia. His main clinical interests include long-term outcomes of critical illness and post intensive care syndrome. He was the medical lead at one of the first ICU long-term follow-up clinics in Australia during his appointment at Redcliffe Hospital, QLD. During his training in Intensive Care Medicine, Mahesh completed a Masters degree in clinical epidemiology at the University of Sydney. He also has an interest in electronic health records and the IT/clinical interface.

Mahesh is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Professor Balasubramanian Venkatesh investigating the evolution of trials methodology and recruitment challenges in critical care clinical trials. Mahesh is the principal investigator of a currently recruiting cluster-randomised trial of fluid therapy in diabetic ketoacidosis. He is the current Chair of the Queensland Critical Care Research Network. Mahesh's vision for the Network is to bring pragmatic research to peripheral, non-tertiary hospitals which have traditionally not played a major role in clinical research.