Tom Whyte

Honorary Fellow

PhD, BE, BCom

Dr Whyte is an injury biomechanics engineer with specific expertise in mechanical impact response and tolerance of the head and spine, motor vehicle crash investigation and the design and testing of injury protective systems.

He was awarded his PhD from the University of Technology Sydney in 2016 having undertaken a detailed examination of facial impacts to motorcycle riders and full-face helmet protection involving detailed analysis of injury mechanisms in this load condition, physical impact testing with an anthropometric test device (THOR dummy) and human body model finite element simulation.

His postdoctoral research experience at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada involved experimental impact biomechanics defining tissue mechanics and tolerance for the spine and brain using cadaveric and animal models and development of novel helmet technologies for prevention of injuries to the head and spine.

Dr Whyte is currently based at Neuroscience Research Australia where he is involved in projects at the Transurban Road Safety Centre related to child, adult and older person vehicle occupant safety as well as prevention of injury to motorcyclists.