Evidence Gap Maps

Meta-research and Evidence Synthesis Unit

The defining feature of modern medicine and global health is its practice being informed by evidence gathered from exhaustive and systematic assessment of research evidence, critically appraised & contextualised to improve health of people worldwide.

The Meta-research & Evidence Synthesis Unit is focussed on conducting 'fit for purpose' evidence synthesis and meta-research to promote the use of evidence in healthcare decision making and improve the quality and conduct of primary research and evidence synthesis

The Unit works on the following domains: 

  1. Evidence synthesis (systematic review & meta-analysis, rapid evidence synthesis, national evidence gap maps, systematic mapping, living systematic reviews, methodological reviews )
  2. Network meta-analysis, individual patient data meta-analysis, Bayesian meta-analysis, & meta regression
  3. Meta-research: study of research itself: its methods, philosophical underpinnings, reporting, evaluation, and incentives
  4. Core outcome set development
  5. Knowledge translation