Diabetes is a non-communicable disease (NCD). The first World Health Organization (WHO) Global report on diabetes demonstrates that the number of adults living with diabetes has almost quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million adults in 2014. Low- and middle-income countries have been hit hardest with this disease and other NCDs.  

To address the ever increasing burden of diabetes around the world, The George Institute established a diabetes research program in May, 2011 and appointed Professor JI Linong, Former Vice President of International Diabetes Federation and Ex-President of Chinese Diabetes Society as the Chief Scientist, coordinating diabetes research at the Institute. The diabetes research program covers Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, in the scope of epidemiology, treatment, behavior change, healthcare system, and health economy, etc. Currently, it conducts several large-scale clinical research programs funded by international and domestic supporters. Accumulated funds are about 70,000,000 RMB. In China alone, more than 380 hospitals have been involved for programs and the accumulative total subjects for all kinds of diabetes projects have been over 250,000.