Centre for Operational and Research Excellence

The Centre for Operational and Research Excellence (CORE) is a global group and provides high-quality expertise as well as robust operations, systems and processes to deliver The George Institute’s research strategy.  

CORE’s strategy is to: 

  • Achieve and maintain quality and integrity in research 
  • Build core skills and capacity in research operations  
  • Build and maintain robust systems and processes to enable and support research operations 
  • Knowledge management in research operations across The George Institute

CORE’s functional activities include: 

  • Data Management: DM planning, database build and maintenance, quality data management practices, data cleaning, data sharing processes 
  • Project operations: budget development for funding applications, project start-up, implementation and close-out to high quality standards 
  • Quality Assurance: review, and assessment of project quality and risk, provision of guidance for project teams, development and management of research operations SOPs and policies
  • Research strategy and services: funding applications, internal grant programs, research capacity development
  • Research Training: eModules and webinar style training in various aspects of research operations including GCP, Data Management, Statistics and Quality Assurance 
  • Statistical services: proposal/protocol development, planning and execution of statistical analyses, contribution to publications