WHO Collaborating Centre on Injury Prevention and Trauma Care

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Since 2016, the George Institute for Global Health has been the WHO Collaborating Centre on Injury Prevention and Trauma Care, co-directed by Rebecca Ivers and Margie Peden. As a Collaborating Centre, we work:


1. In collaboration with WHO to generate evidence for universal injury prevention interventions and how these can be implemented most effectively

  • Conducting implementation research on road traffic injury prevention in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)
  • Supporting WHO in pilot testing community-based rehab programmes for burns in LMICs
  • Conducting evaluation research on drowning prevention in LMICs


2. To support WHO in the delivery and dissemination of communication & advocacy materials for injury prevention & Emergency Trauma Care (ETC)

  • Producing a falls prevention package
  • Identifying health facilities that could take part in the Global Burns Registry and promote same
  • Promoting uptake and utilization of WHO Drowning Prevention implementation guide in at least 2 countries


3. To assist WHO in the development and implementation of WHO ETC initiatives

  • Assisting with the development, review & dissemination of metrics to evaluate emergency care systems
  • Assisting in the development of M&E strategies for implementing the ETC toolkit


4. To collaborate with WHO in building capacity in injury prevention and ETC

  • Reviewing documentation for WHO mentoring programme on injury prevention
  • Supporting WHO to conducting at least two trainings in the area of injury prevention or ETC