evidence-based policies

Promoting evidence-based policies, programs and services for ageing and health in Fiji


The Healthy Ageing Fiji project will assess health system preparedness for population ageing in the most rapidly ageing Pacific Island country, Fiji. Using a combination of health system mapping, synthesis of existing population-level data, and consultation with key community, provider and policy-level stakeholders, this project will generate crucial evidence to support recommendations on healthy ageing policies, programs and services for health decision-makers in Fiji.


Mixed-methods approach combining country-level data analysis, policy and program mapping, and a qualitative assessment of patient, community and provider needs.

The research has three complementary components:

  1. Generate an epidemiological profile of ageing and health in Fiji, using existing national household survey and administrative data.
  2. Map existing health system activities against the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health.
  3. Evaluate user perspectives on the appropriateness and acceptability of health system responses to ageing, to identify user preferences and areas of unmet need.

The methodology implemented in this project will be evaluated, including determining resource requirements, to produce a tool-kit for assessing health system strengthening needs for healthy ageing with a view to its application in other Pacific countries.