Implications of the cluster-containment strategy for COVID-19 control on snakebite care in India

COVID-19 is a global pandemic which has led to nation-wide lockdowns in many countries including India. Snakebite is a condition which requires immediate medical attention. However, amid COVID-19 scenario, health care services including for snakebite are being disrupted. It is pertinent for health care providers, policymakers, snakebite advocates as well as researchers to understand the ongoing implications of COVID-19 and consequent control responses for better outcomes.

To understand the implications of the cluster-containment strategy for controlling COVID-19 on snakebite care in India.

Research Methodology:
In Phase 1, the research team will conduct in-depth interviews with range of relevant stakeholders to explore the perceived impact of COVID-19 on snakebite care. The team will also review data on snakebite related services from various health facilities across the country. In Phase 2, further case-studies to understand better how and why COVID-19 containment strategy has affected snakebite related healthcare services will be conducted.

Current Status:  
The Phase I of the study was initiated in May 2020 and through time-series facility survey, the data related to snakebite services is being collected from seven facilities from different states of the country. The in-depth interviews are also being planned.

Potential Impact:
The study results will help understand the implications of cluster-containment and control responses to inform decision-making in response to COVID-19 and future pandemics.