ImPaCt Study - Evaluating the effectiveness of consumer-driven product Information to Promote Correct use of child restraint systems in cars


When used correctly, child car restraint systems are highly effective in reducing death and injury among children involved in car crashes.1 However, incorrect use of restraints is a widespread and long-standing unsolved problem affecting more than 50% of children travelling in cars.2 To date, work has focused on ensuring correct use of child restraints at the time of installation. This study will compare how different types of product information impact correct use of child car seats.

1. Du W, Finch CF, Hayen A, Bilston L, Brown J, Hatfield J. Relative benefits of population-level interventions targeting restraint-use in child car passengers. Pediatrics. 2010;125(2):304-12.

2. Brown J, Hatfield J, Du W, Finch CF, Bilston LE. The characteristics of incorrect restraint use among children traveling in cars. Traffic Injury Prevention. 2010 11(4):391-8


This research aims to examine the effectiveness of new guidelines developed by child car seat manufactures (based off consumer designed child-restraint information), compared to standard manufacturer information.

Research Methodology

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to attend our lab at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) in Randwick, OR attend a satellite location (e.g. UNSW in Kensington, or Shakespeare St Carpark in Campsie) and complete the following study activities:

A) Participant Survey (15 mins)

This questionnaire (which you can complete before or during the study) will collect information on your previous experience with child car seats, information you have used previously to help you use your car seat, and what your perceptions and attitudes are towards safety.

B) Child Car Seat Installation Trial (45 mins)

You will be asked to install a convertible car seat (0-4 years) in the forward-facing mode into our car model using the materials that will be supplied to you. This trial will be video and audio recorded. We will also like to take photographs of the child car seat, after your installation.

C) Questionnaire on child car seats (15 mins)

This questionnaire consists of questions asking about different aspects of installing and using a child car seat. We will ask you to answer the questions by using the materials that will be supplied to you.

In addition to giving up your time, there is a small amount of risk to you in participating in this study. This includes the potential risk involved in lifting child car seat. These have been further explained in our participant information sheet.

Are you eligible?

Before you decide to participate in this research study, we need to make sure that it is okay for you to take part. The research study is looking for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Are you aged 18 years or over?
  • Do you speak English well enough to be able to read and understand the information on the Participant Information Statement and Consent Form
  • Are you physically able to install a child car seat?
  • Are you willing to travel to Neuroscience Research Australia, Randwick, OR to a satellite site (location TBC), to participate?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above, we would love for you to take part in our study. You can still participate in the study even if you don’t have any experience with using child car seats! If you are currently pregnant or have a physical injury or condition that stops you from installing a child car seat, you won’t be able to participate in the study.

Do I have to take part in the study?

No, participation in this research study is voluntary. If you do not want to take part, you do not have to. If you decide to take part and later change your mind, you are free to withdraw from the study at any stage.

Current Status

Data collection in progress

I have questions about the study. Who do I speak to?

Please get in touch with a member of our research team through one of the following ways;

  1. Call a member of our research team on 02 8052 4531
  2. Email
  3. Email the Chief Investigator of the study, Associate Professor Julie Brown:

I am interested in participating. Where can I register?

  1. Click on the link below that will take you to the registration form.
  2. Answer a few questions to confirm you meet the eligibility criteria* for the study.
  3. Leave your contact details and availabilities for the research team to contact you about study participation.

Please refer to the Participant Information Statement and Consent Form on this page.

Register your interest

*Please note that we hope to recruit a broad range of people with difference car seat experiences. If we have reached the maximum number of participants for a particular group and we are unable to include you in the study for this reason, we welcome you to leave your contact details to be contacted for future studies, if you wish to be contacted. You may also exit the window if you do not wish to be contacted further.