The global food system is estimated to generate 30%-40% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) and is a key contributor to climate change.

Global Food System

Figure 1: Courtesy of Food

The recent UN COP28 climate conference cited the transformation of our food system as essential to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and address climate change.

Paris Agreement

ecoSwitch is a data-technology platform that estimates the greenhouse gas impact of individual packaged foods and converts the scores into a simple to understand Planetary Health Rating scheme. The ratings have been incorporated into the ecoSwitch consumer app to help shoppers choose lower impact foods, and the data made available to help set government policy and improve industry practice towards a more sustainable food environment.

ecoSwitch app

Figure 2: ecoSwitch app

Our Objective is to create a piece of national infrastructure that is used by the whole of the food industry to present the environmental sustainability of their products in a consistent, science-based scheme and which can be used to direct consumers to lower impact food choices and allow government to set policy and monitor action.

The ecoSwitch app is available in Australia and can be downloaded here:
ecoSwitch Australia - Android
ecoSwitch Australia - iOS