Dialysis in Zimbabwe

Dialysis in Zimbabwe


The aim of the project is to find the prevalence, clinical profile and 12-month survival of patients on dialysis in Zimbabwe. This project will define the burden of dialysis across Zimbabwe, establishing:

1. the number of prevalent patients on dialysis (both haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) in Zimbabwe;
2. the demographics of this dialysis population, including the diagnosed causes of ESKD;
3. the 12-month survival of these prevalent dialysis patients;
4. the annual incidence of new dialysis patients in Zimbabwe, including both those requiring temporary dialysis for acute kidney injury and those entering maintenance dialysis programs.


This project is an observational cohort study and involves all dialysis units in Zimbabwe, both public and private. The study population will comprise of adult patients dialysing at the dialysis units or undergoing dialysis at home. The study will be conducted over 24 months and all participants, both prevalent and incident patients will be followed for 12 months after their baseline data collection. Incident dialysis patients will be recruited for up to 12 months and then subsequently followed up for 12 months thus making the study duration 24 months.