Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Outcomes in Fiji

Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Outcomes in Fiji – A Fijian Kidney Replacement Therapy Registry


The burden of chronic kidney disease is growing, with a global prevalence between 11-13%. Whilst data on kidney disease in Fiji is sparse, one retrospective study estimated an incidence of untreated kidney failure between 793 - 938 per million population, with 86.2% mortality at 20 months.

Treatment for kidney failure in Fiji includes dialysis and transplantation (overseas), with both incurring an out-of-pocket cost to patients. Chronic kidney disease is the fourth leading cause of death in Fiji, despite dialysis services expanding nationally. At present there is no standardised data collection regarding kidney care, making advocacy for, and planning of, kidney care services difficult.


  • To improve understanding regarding kidney care and the incidence, prevalence and survival of patients treated for kidney failure in Fiji.
  • To generate evidence-based recommendations for kidney failure treatment in Fiji.

Research Methodology

This project will implement a prospective kidney replacement therapy registry in Fiji, collecting data about patients treated with dialysis or kidney transplant from all dialysis centres and renal physicians in Fiji. Data will be collected from all consenting patients receiving treatment for kidney failure over an 8-year period (2019-2027) with the aim of implementing lasting infrastructure for kidney care data collection in Fiji.

Analyses occur in conjunction with local Investigators, with information made available to the renal community in Fiji and the Ministry of Health.

Current Status

The registry was implemented in 2019 and has collected data on over 350 patients. Initial results have been presented at Annual Fijian National Nephrology Symposia and published in peer-reviewed literature.