Australian Stroke Clinical Register (AuSCR)

The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) is a collaborative national effort to monitor, promote and improve the quality of acute stroke care. We believe that by working together, patients, families, clinicians and researchers can make a difference in the lives of people affected by stroke.

The data collected will guide quality improvement interventions in hospitals, reduce variations in care delivery and, ultimately, provide evidence of reduced deaths, disability, and recurrent stroke. The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry will ensure best practice stroke care in Australia.

The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry collects data from participating hospitals across Australia using an online web tool. Hospitals can use the online tool to:

  • Store their own patients’ data
  • Provide clinicians with downloadable reports summarising their patients’ data
  • Allow hospitals to export their data for local analyses; and
  • Provide annual performance reviews, newsletters, and publications.


  • Steering Committee Chairperson: Professor Sandy Middleton
  • Management Committee Chairperson: Professor Craig Anderson
  • Data Custodian: Associate Professor Dominique Cadilhac