Medical Consultation

AdEquAte: Advancing Equity in Decision-making


The vision for this project is to focus on ongoing research topics in tribal health and health equity to move higher up in the agenda of decision-making in George Institute’s research sites in Kerala and Karnataka, while also sharing lessons and tools that may enable similar activities elsewhere in India and other policy settings.


To engage with decision makers for the prioritisation of tribal health and health equity.

Research Methodology

Policy engagement Officers will be engaged on the ongoing projects on tribal health in Kerala and Karnataka. Inter-state initiation workshops will be organized with relevant stakeholders. These consultative workshops will help in creating knowledge gap maps at state and district levels. Knowledge products such as rapid literature syntheses, evidence score cards, policy briefs/dialogue reports will be created. On a broader level, researchers at the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance will be involved in policy engagement events to understand do’s and don’ts of policy making with advice from decision makers from National Health Mission.

Current Status

Preliminary meetings and consultations have been completed.

Potential Impact

The project aims to raise the profile and utility of equity-focused analyses in policy-making while also gleaning lessons on how India Alliance funded research may engage with policy constructively.

Additionally, the project intends to a) increase the quantity, quality and relevance of interactions between researchers and policy-makers at district and state levels; and b) create outputs that facilitate the use of research for decision-making and policy design.