ACTIVE Dialysis - A clinical trial of intensive dialysis

Many people take for granted how well their body is able to clean their blood, eliminate waste and function without much interference with their daily lives. But for patients with kidney disease, this essential task of cleaning the body of impurities is not simple and radically changes the way they live their lives.

Patients undergo 18 hours every week of dialysis, a process where a machine cleans the body of toxins. That usually means three days per week of being hooked up to a machine. That is three days per week of not showing up to their son's football match or packing their children's lunches.

The Active Dialysis study is testing whether or not intensive dialysis of 24 hours per week while the patient is sleeping is not only effective in improving health, but if it can also improve their quality of life by not interfering with their ability to work or spend time with friends and family.

The SAP is available below and has been finalised prior to the analyses being done.