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Worlds Collide: What does it mean to ‘go viral’?

In this episode of The Scan’s World’s Collide Series, Seye and Jaime discuss what it means to ‘go viral’ and the role social media has in increasing impact of work; they talk about rejection and being brave, and explore the pros/cons of various processes for different journals. Also announcing Jaime’s new position!’

About the series: The Scan ‘Worlds Collide’ feature two well-known global health researchers from different parts of the globe, Jaime Miranda, from Peru, and Seye Abimbola, from Nigeria. Each wears a variety of ‘hats’, holding a number of positions, in different countries. Featuring unstructured conversations as they reflect on daily interactions it offers illuminating insight on navigating work and cultural perspectives. It offers the audience an intimate setting as they share their experiences with each other – and us!

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The Scan podcast from The George Institute for Global Health explores the latest research, emerging evidence, and crucial progress towards developing practical approaches towards better treatments, better care and healthier societies globally.