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A discussion about the Lancet Commission on Women and Cancer - Dr Ophira Ginsburg and Dr Carinna Hockham

This episode features a discussion with Dr Ophira Ginsburg and Dr Carinna Hockham about the Lancet Commission on Women and Cancer, currently underway. The Commission is exploring the relationship between gender, power and cancer, and is taking an intentionally broad, intersectional feminist approach to its investigation. Despite the Commission’s title the work is inclusive of all genders insofar as to explore how one’s gender identity might contribute to a person’s marginalised identities, which can influence cancer risk and cancer outcomes. For more information on the Lancet Commission on Women and Cancer click here. Dr. Ophira Ginsburg is a medical oncologist and global women’s health researcher with nearly 20 years of experience in global cancer prevention and control. Formerly based at the University of Toronto, Canada, she was a Medical Officer at the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland has served as an ad hoc consultant to several UN agencies. Recently Dr Ophira commenced a new role at the USA National Cancer Institute’s Center for Global Health as Senior Scientific Officer, Senior Advisor for Clinical Research. We spoke to Dr Ophira following London Cancer Week, while she was a senior visiting scientist at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Leon France, a specialized agency of the World Health Organization. Dr Carinna Hockham is a postdoctoral Research Associate in the Global Women’s Health Program at The George Institute for Global Health, Imperial College London

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