Dr Yachna Mehta

Dr Yachna M

Project Manager

MBBS, MD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), MMed, MPhil (Reproductive Health Sciences and Human Genetics)

Yachna is a Project Manager working across various Renal trials within the George Institute. She is the operational lead within Asia Pacific for the Aldosterone Blockade for Health improvement Evaluation in End-stage Renal Disease (ACHIEVE) trial. She is also heading the team of the Glomerular Disease Registry (GRIT) within NSW which involves biobanking of blood samples for future use in various clinical trials.  She is responsible for the ELDERLY program which involves examining outcomes in elderly patients with advanced kidney disease. Her role as project manager on all her trials includes providing direct operational support to various hospitals within Australia and other countries in getting the trials up and running.

Yachna’s primary research interests are evidence based medicine, women’s health, oncology and international collaboration. She has varied experience within research in evaluating complex public health problems. Her current focus is translating her experience  as a clinician in conducting meaningful research. Yachna has completed her bachelors and masters in Medicine from India and has then pursued her MMed and MPhil in Reproductive Health Sciences from Sydney Medical School at University of Sydney in 2015.