Serigne Lo

Global Office

Honorary Senior Biostatistician

PhD AStat

Serigne has a Master in Econometrics and a PhD in Statistics/Econometrics from the University of Geneva. Serigne joined the George institute in 2006 as a Postdoctoral Fellow and was appointed as a biostatistician/Research Fellow in 2007. Serigne is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Manager of the Research and Biostatistics Group at the Melanoma Institute Australia but holds an honorary position at The George Institute.

Prior to joining the institute, Serigne worked as a lecturer for over five years in the Econometrics Department of the University of Geneva and as a consultant statistician in a contract research organisation in Geneva specialised in clinical development programs and trials. Serigne is an accredited statistician by the Statistical Society of Australia.

As biostatistician he works across numerous disease areas including injury prevention, critical care, oncology, cardiovascular and renal diseases. His personal research interests include adaptive designs, multistage disease modelling, cluster randomised trials, new statistical methods for survival analysis and robustness.