Professor Julie Brown

Julie Brown

Program Head, Injury program, The George Institute Australia Professor, UNSW Sydney Co-Directo, Transurban Road Safety Centre at NeuRA Honorary Principal Research Scientist, Injury Prevention Research Centre


Julie Brown heads the Injury program at the George Institute for Global Health, Australia, is Co-Director of the Transurban Road Safety Centre at NeuRA, and  Professor, School of Population Health, UNSW. She works across the continuum of the public health model from defining problems, identifying risk and protective factors, developing and testing interventions to monitoring and evaluating the implementation of interventions designed to reduce the burden of injury, and has demonstrated expertise in multi-disciplinary research methods. Her career vision is to reduce the health burden attributable to injury by delivering tangible ways to prevent road crash-related injury and unintentional injury more broadly. Prior to completing her PhD at UNSW in 2008, she worked for >20 years in vehicle and equipment safety research and policy development for the NSW government. Insight into research needs for regulatory and policy development from this experience continues to frame her research.

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