Dr Menglu Ouyang

Dr Menglu Ouyang

Research Fellow, Neurological Department and Health Systems Science


Dr Menglu Ouyang is a research fellow at The George Insititute for Global Health and Conjoint Lecturer at UNSW. Her research field is in stroke, including acute care, clinical management, health system and implementation science. She has extensive experience in secondary analysis in large international clinical trials and implementation research. Her research contributes to filling the knowledge gap in stroke clinical guidelines development, informs implementation strategies and supports promoting the care embedded in existing processes in low- and middle-income countries.

She is the leading investigator for the process evaluation alongside the large international trials funded by MRC and NHMRC, to explore the feasibility, acceptability and implementation of evidence-based care. She also chairs the monthly Process Evaluation/Health System Research Seminar at The George Institute. She is in the UNSW Cardiac, Vascular, Metabolic Medicine Early Career Researcher Committee and the editor board of Cerebrovascular Diseases and Frontiers Public Health.