Kenneth Yakubu

Kenneth Yakubu

Co-Lead, Initiative for Partnerships in Africa PhD candidate

Yakubu is a Scientia PhD Scholar at the Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, and a Co-Lead of The George Institute’s Africa Initiative.

Through its Africa Initiative, The George Institute seeks to expand the scope of its research engagement with researchers and institutions in Africa in a sustainable and people-centred way. Yakubu is passionate about research partnerships that are authentic and equity-focused. He trained as a family physician in Nigeria and practiced for four years before migrating to Australia in 2019.

He acquired an MPhil (Family Medicine) degree from the Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa, and an MBA (Health Units Management) degree from the Cyprus Institute of Marketing.

His previous research and professional efforts have focused on understanding and improving the learning experience of undergraduate and graduate trainees in family medicine, identifying family-centred approaches for improving health service delivery. His PhD Thesis will focus on human-rights based approaches for defining and achieving a sustainable skilled health workforce.