Dr Courtney Ryder


Honorary Research Fellow, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program

PhD BSc BEng (Biomed) (Hons)

Dr Courtney Ryder is a proud Narungga woman from South Australia. Courtney holds an Honours degree of science and Engineering and in 2021 completed her PhD at the University of New South Wales. She works as a conjoint Research Fellow at the George Institute for Global Health  and is a Senior Lecturer leading  the Injury Studies in the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University.

As an emerging Aboriginal quantitative research leader, her PhD focussed on developing equity measures in quantitative research.  Her research is leading new ways of working with Indigenous Data through knowledge interface methodology and Indigenous Data sovereignty to change the deficit discourse surrounding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health statistics, particularly in injury. Courtney’s ground-breaking work engages with new processes of research conceptualisations, analysis and understandings of outcomes in Indigenous health.

Equity is the primary focus of Courtney’s research program. Her research has also broadened the cultural safety knowledge space, allowing institutes to rethink how students engage in Aboriginal health and cultural safety training.