Clare Farrand

Global Office

Senior Public Health Nutritionist, Food Policy

MPH BSc Bio&SpExSc

Clare Farrand is a Public Health Nutritionist and the Senior Project Manager for Salt Reduction at the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre on  Population Salt Reduction supporting countries to develop and implement salt reduction strategies to achieve the global target to reduce salt by 30% by 2025.

Clare has over 9 years’ experience working in public health on the primary prevention of nutrition related illness. Clare previously worked in the UK for the Food Standards Agency’s Nutrition Strategy Division on their successful salt reduction programme before going on to lead the International Salt Reduction Programme at World Action on Salt and Health. Clare has extensive experience in public health advocacy, stakeholder engagement and translating research in to public health action; influencing public health policies at the national and international level, supporting countries to implement effective salt reduction programmes and working with the food industry on reformulation of food products to contain less salt, fat and sugar.  Clare’s primary interest is reducing the growing burden of food, nutrition and diet related noncommunicable disease through effective food and nutrition related policies.