affordable dialysis

The world’s first affordable dialysis

Ellen Medical Devices is developing the world’s first affordable dialysis to stop millions of people dying unnecessarily because they cannot access treatment for kidney failure.

The new dialysis system is a breakthrough in the treatment of kidney disease. Focused on underserved populations, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, the Ellen Medical Dialysis System will increase access to lifesaving treatment and improve dialysis management and patient outcomes.

The system is portable, affordable and patient-centred. Costing under $1,000 to build and $5 a day to run, the system radically reduces costs for patients and payers. It uses peritoneal dialysis, which is as safe and effective as the better known haemodialysis, and is recommended by the International Society of Nephrology as the preferred choice for patients with kidney failure.

We are working in partnership with Australia’s leading biomedical engineering product development companies, while we look for global partners to help get affordable dialysis to as many people as possible worldwide, and save millions of lives.

Clinical trials clinical trials of the system are scheduled to begin in July 2020.

Ellen Medical Devices was founded by The George Institute to build and market the Affordable Dialysis System.

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