Reducing trauma on nsw roads

Reducing trauma on local roads in NSW

The George Institute for Global Health is pleased to make this submission to reducing trauma on local roads in NSW.

The George Institute is a leading injury research centre and its Injury Division is a designated World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre in Injury Prevention and Trauma Care. The Injury team investigates solutions to prevent the world’s most significant injury problems and transform injury and trauma care globally. Harnessing the power of governments, markets and communities through research, advocacy and thought leadership, we are at the forefront of innovations to reduce the burden of injury.   We currently lead over 30 injury-related projects in Australia, India, Bangladesh, China, Uganda and South Africa, including developing Australia’s National Injury Prevention Strategy, and a specific focus of projects that aim to deliver tangible reductions in road trauma worldwide.

As our overall strategic aim is to reduce the burden of injury, we support any move towards the reduction of trauma on local roads in New South Wales.