Health 10x

Supporting startups developing interventions, cures and treatments that address the most pressing unmet medical needs, globally.

Health and medical startups face numerous challenges on the pathways to commercialisation. From navigating the healthcare system to addressing complex medical problems and understanding highly regulated markets, it can be daunting for founders to embark on this journey.

Designed and delivered in partnership with The George Institute for Global Health and UNSW Founders since 2019, the Health 10x Accelerator program equips startups with business expertise and resources needed to understand the health technology ecosystem, build their company and drive impact through commercialisation.

Health 10x supports entrepreneurs to clinically validate ideas, develop go-to-market strategies, and connect with health and business experts from all over the world. Since 2019, Health 10x have supported over 150 startups and invested in 27 startups, built by the best and brightest health and medical innovators across Australia.


Partners & Collaborators

As of 2023, two new partners decided to join our mission. Australian Medical Angels and Virtus Health provide additional commercialisation support, clinical expertise and funding for Health 10x Accelerator startups. 

Australian Medical Angels is the nation's largest medical and health-specific angel investment syndicate of over 650 clinicians drawn from across Australia, backing the most exciting innovations in healthcare. Australian Medical Angels supports Health 10x by providing access to their extensive network of investors & clinicians, and through a Pre-Commitment Fund to allow angel investors to invest into startups accepted into the program.

Virtus Health is supporting leading women’s health startups through the Health 10x Accelerator program. Virtus Health is one of the world’s leading providers of assistive reproductive services and will support reproductive health startups by providing additional commercialisation support, access to strategic networks, expertise and funding.

Health 10x is further supported by leaders across healthcare, innovation and industry partners:

  • Randwick Health Innovation Precinct - Collaborative entity bringing together world-class education, research and healthcare organisations to save lives through translational medical research and industry collaboration.
  • Liverpool Innovation Precinct - Reimagining how health, education and research is undertaken individually and collaboratively to drive innovation to impact.
  • AstraZeneca - A global biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialisation of prescription medicines.

FEATURED STORY - nuroflux: a wearable device for continuous stroke monitoring

Stroke is a critical medical condition that claims the lives of 23 Australians per day, with this number expected to rise in line with ageing populations. The current gold standard in stroke monitoring is CT scanning, however CT scans are limited to 24-hour windows to prevent excess exposure to radiation.

There is no method of continuous monitoring for brain activity and blood flow between CT scans, allowing for sudden recurrence of stroke to go unnoticed even during treatment. This is why Health 10x 2021 alumni nuroflux is developing a wearable device for the continuous monitoring of stroke patients. The non-invasive wearable technology developed by nuroflux’s Sam van Bohemen is designed to continuously monitor stroke treatment and detect new signs of stroke. Sam van Bohemen has a neuroscience background and has recently completed a PhD in biomedical engineering.

Since completing Health 10x, nuroflux has collaborated with the Global Brain Health program at The George Institute to engage in clinical trials and further refine the wearable device.


Why Health 10x?

Why Health10x

Unrivalled access to facilities, mentors and experts in the healthcare ecosystem

  • 1:1 support from experts connecting you to an international network
  • Access to services and facilities to drive your research and development (R&D)
  • Connections to healthcare specialists from The George Institute and beyond
  • Up to six months of co-working office space and access to talent and intern opportunities
  • Business support from world-leading business school at UNSW

Interested in applying for Health 10x?

  • You have a desire and vision to solve a global unmet health need
  • You are building a health or medtech startup
  • You’re looking for the right support to help you create the company that will drive your mission

We’re especially great at supporting:

  • All things health technology based: from digital technologies utilising machine-learning and AI to medical technology devices
  • Academics and researchers who have proof of concept and are looking to spin out
  • Technical/ research teams requiring support and guidance from a business development perspective

Our team have expertise across the breadth of the healthtech landscape and can support the development and scaling of your solutions!


  • Are a founder or co-founder of a currently operating startup
  • Have a proof of concept, prototype or Minimum Viable Product
  • Have an Australian registered company (Pty Ltd) to enter the accelerator phase of the program 
  • Have some market validation through customer take-up or engagement 
  • Can commit to participating in the program for its duration
  • Have rights to commercialise intellectual property
  • Have scheduled a meeting with one of our Program Managers

What does Health 10x include?

What does health10x include

The Health 10x Accelerator program comprises:

  • 10-week intensive program to get startups investment-ready
  • $20k SAFE investment
  • $50k (minimum) investment from Australian Medical Angels
  • Workshop sessions to fill the gaps in your startup knowledge
  • Fundraising strategy support and connections to an international investor network
  • Pitch to investors at our exclusive invite-only Demo Day
  • Apply for our annual Founders Awards
  • Access to co-working space with UNSW Founders-in-Residence for 6 months post-program
  • Access to our scale-up program, PR opportunities and PhD internships
  • As part of a Global Networking Program, Health 10x startups gain access to direct industry mentorship by global leading pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca

As part of the Health 10x program, startups also receive $200K worth of value in support including:

  • 1:1 prototyping support at the UNSW Makerspace
  • 20 hours of Entrepreneur-in-Residence support
  • 20 hours of coaching and support from mentors, advisors and clinical/ research leaders
  • Expert coaches, R&D talent and infrastructure from UNSW and The George Institute for Global Health

Interested in applying for Health 10x? Applications for 2024 are open until 12 May. Click here to apply.

Want to learn more?

Key Dates

key dates

Pre-Accelerator applications close: 5 April

Pre-Accelerator: 2-30 May

Health 10x Accelerator applications close: 12 May

Accelerator Bootcamp: 1-2 August

Accelerator: 7 August-9 October

Demo Day: 24 October

Health 10x Alumni

My Sound Technology 
my sound technology
Flex Healthcare 
flex healthcare

Allasso Bio 
Allasso Bio

Walking Tall Health 
Walking Tall Health

Bio-Sens Tech 
Bio-Sens Tech

Understanding the Indian health market

In 2019, the Health 10x Accelerator program included a dedicated India immersion experience for startups to gain a more thorough understanding of the Indian health and innovation ecosystem. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, this experience has not been possible for subsequent cohorts. The India immersion offers a unique opportunity to connect with The George Institute India team and local health entrepreneurs, understand the Indian regulatory environment, and the local investment landscape. We hope to run the India immersion again in future.

Hear what the 2019 Health 10x cohort had to say about their India Immersion.

Healthcare worker in India