Health 10x

Could your startup address some of the biggest global health challenges?

The George Institute for Global Health and UNSW Founders have partnered to deliver a unique nation-wide program for innovative health startups.

Health10x accelerates the business growth of startups developing affordable and scalable solutions for major global health challenges and unmet medical needs, particularly the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and injury in underserved populations.

Launched in 2019, Health 10x supports entrepreneurs to clinically validate ideas, develop go-to-market strategies, and connect with health and business experts from all over the world.


About Health 10x

Health10x startup

Health 10x is a two-phase program (pre-accelerator and accelerator) developed and delivered by The George Institute and UNSW Founders.

Start-ups can tap into the health expertise and global research and clinical network of The George Institute, and the entrepreneurship expertise of UNSW Founders.

Health 10x start-ups receive entrepreneurship education tailored to their level of business development, and dedicated health modules delivered by subject matter experts from TGI.

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Program overview

Health innovation

Phase I – Health 10x Pre-Accelerator Program

4 weeks, part-time

Up to 15 teams will be selected to participate in the 4-week Pre-accelerator program. This is recommended, but not mandatory, to be considered for the Phase II Accelerator.

Phase II – Health 10x Accelerator Program

10 weeks, full-time

Up to 6 teams will be invited to participate in the 10-week Accelerator program.

+ All program participants will benefit from:
  • Accelerated start-up education from leading industry experts and founders
  • Dedicated HealthTech commercialisation modules, including ‘Clinical Trials’ and ‘Health Economics’ and others, developed by TGI and delivered by key opinion leaders in the field
  • Practical advice and coaching
  • Validation of your business idea, solution, or research application
  • The opportunity to build, refine or scale your business model and become investment ready
  • Networking and peer-to-peer support to build your confidence and networks
  • Access to UNSW world-class network of makerspaces to ideate and prototype
  • Access to a pool of $15,000 in program prizes
+ If you are accepted into the Health 10x Accelerator, you’ll also receive:
  • $20,000 seed funding as a SAFE agreement
  • 10 weeks of accelerated learning from industry and startup experts via workshops, mentoring and collaborative activities
  • Access to the Health 10x global mentorship program
  • Access to experts from leading medical research institute TGI
  • Access to R&D expertise
  • Weekly 1:1 meetings with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • An opportunity to participate in a series of digital events with key health innovation stakeholders in Australia, India and America
  • UNSW Founders Alumni Program: Access to a co-working space with UNSW Founders in Residence for 6 months after the program, ongoing mentorship & coaching, networking, and educational events
  • An opportunity to pitch your start-up to investors at the Health 10x Demo Night – Watch the 2020 Health 10x 2020 Demo Night here
  • Ongoing media and PR support

Interested in applying for Health 10x? 

Eligibility Criteria & Application Process

+ Eligibility criteria:
  • You are a founder or co-founder of a currently operating startup
  • You have a proof of concept, prototype or MVP
  • You can commit to 1 day per week in the 4-week Pre-Accelerator Program and approximately 12 hours per week during the 10-week Accelerator phase
  • You have an Australian registered company (Pty Ltd) to enter the accelerator phase of the program
  • You have some market validation through customer take-up or engagement
  • You can commit to participating in the program for its duration


program eligibility

Health 10x Alumni

Cohort 1 2019Cohort 2 2020Cohort 3 2021
Allasso Bio
Allasso Bio
Bio-Sens Tech
Bio-Sens Tech
.Walking Tall Health
Walking Tall Health

FEATURED STORY - Nuroflux wearable devices for stroke monitoring

Every second counts for an oxygen-starved brain. This is why Health10x 2021 alumni nuroflux is developing a wearable device for the continuous monitoring of stroke patients, to fill the gap between CT scans and ensure secondary strokes do not go unnoticed.


Understanding the Indian health market

In 2019, the Health 10x Accelerator program included a trip to India with a dedicated immersion experience for startups to gain a more thorough understanding of the Indian health and innovation ecosystem. The India immersion offers a unique opportunity to connect with The George Institute India team and local health entrepreneurs, understand the Indian regulatory environment, and the local investment landscape. Due to Covid-19, this experience has not been possible for subsequent cohorts. We have continued to offer online learning modules on the India market and hope to run this immersion experience again in future.

Hear what the 2019 Health 10x cohort had to say about their India Immersion.

Healthcare worker in India

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