Disruptive Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The George Institute is driving impact through disruptive entrepreneurship.

The world’s biggest health challenges demand scalable solutions that challenge the status quo. The Institute is committed to creating practical, affordable, evidence-based solutions that will lead to better treatments, better healthcare and healthier societies.

That’s why we created Genovate – The Institute’s innovation and entrepreneurship program. Genovate facilitates the translation of research: from ideation and product development, to commercialisation and market success.

As a hub of innovation in global health, Genovate is embedding disruptive entrepreneurship – one of our strategic priorities – into our research. We work with our staff, our partners and emerging entrepreneurs to meet unmet global health needs.



What we do:

Through Genovate, our global health experts identify and understand the biggest unmet health needs, and with our partners, we facilitate the commercialisation process.

Our goal is to harness the power of the private sector and turn innovative, affordable healthcare solutions into successful enterprises – to increase the scale and sustainability of our research and have the greatest impact on health outcomes and health systems globally.

Genovate works with our global network of scientific leaders and health care experts to identify and understand the unmet needs that can and should be met through disruptive entrepreneurship. We work with partners to provide global health insight and expertise to their innovative ideas.

Through a comprehensive training and mentoring program, Genovate is building a culture of entrepreneurship within The George Institute and beyond. We focus on bridging skills gaps in ideation, product development, market analysis, and business development. With these skills, our researchers will find and develop new ideas to address unmet global health needs.

Genovate manages partnerships with those who share our vision of using entrepreneurship to meet unmet health needs in emerging markets. We partner with innovators, healthcare providers, investors, engineers, start-ups and businesses to create and commercialise new solutions.

Once an opportunity has been identified, and Genovate works with project teams, with partners and with George Health, providing the tools and support to move ideas through the commercialisation lifecycle, from product development to market success.

Health 10x

Health 10x is a bespoke start-up accelerator developed and delivered by The George Institute and UNSW Founders.  The program was built to support start-ups whose innovations address non-communicable diseases in under-served markets.

The program delivers tailored entrepreneurship education from UNSW’s Entrepreneurial Unit, dedicated health modules from The George Institute’s experts, and immersion in the India market through the George Institute India team.


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