Telehealth investment news

The George Institute welcomes the Australian Government’s investment in telehealth

The George Institute for Global Heath welcomes the Australian Government’s announcement of a $2 billion investment to extend a range of COVID-19 health measures to March 2021, including Medicare-subsidised telehealth.

Professor Bruce Neal welcomes the overall investment and notes the success of using the technology both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“Telehealth is an easy, safe and innovative way for Australian general practitioners and patients to give and receive essential health treatment,” he said.

“It takes sure patients are getting the service and advice they need to stay healthy, while also reducing any risks of exposure to COVID-19.”

“We encourage the government to continue to invest in telehealth beyond the next six months so that improved access to essential healthcare services become part of a better health system.”

“Future investment in telehealth should include research to examine and define an evidence base to ensure the optimal use of telehealth in the future,” Professor Neal said.

To date, over 30 million telehealth consultations have taken place since starting in March 2020.