EduSalts pre-trial launched in Zhenjiang city

On 18 June 2020, EduSaltS (School-based Education Program to Reduce salt)preliminary trial was jointly launched by the Chinese Center for Health Education (CCHE) and The George Institute China. Over 50 project personnel from Jiangsu province attended the online event. 

Ms Yinghua Li, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation Department at CCHE, and Professor Puhong Zhang, Associate Director of The George Institute China expressed their gratitude to all project staff for their great support, especially during this challenging period. 

Yan Xu from Jiangsu Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that Jiangsu province would actively implement the Healthy China Action Plan. Zhenjiang city will take the lead in implementing the new mode of salt reduction, and that will lay a solid foundation for future health promotion. Zhenghan Hu from Zhenjiang Education Bureau and Chengping Xu from Zhenjiang Center for Disease Control and Prevention introduced the practical experience of the Education Bureau and Health Bureau in joining hands to achieve mutual and complementarity efforts towards a  common goal. They both expressed confidence and determination to successfully complete the project. 

After the kick-off session, researchers from CCHE and The George Institute China delivered training about the project plan and of pre-trial arrangements. A baseline survey will shortly be conducted in two pilot primary schools in Zhenjiang, followed by a pre-trial of EduSalts to be implemented during July and August.

EduSaltS is a four-year project, which was officially launched in December 2019. It will be built upon previous research using a combination of online and offline innovative methods. With the aim of promoting healthier society, the project will be implemented in over 300 primary schools in Zhenjiang, Shangrao and Qinhuangdao cities, by developing a feasible, sustainable and adaptable scale-up package to reduce salt intake in schoolchildren and their families.