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  • Professor Bruce Neal


    • Executive Director, The George Institute, Australia
    • Professor of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
    • Honorary Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
    • Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Imperial College London

    Bruce Neal is Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health Australia...

  • yunyun zhu

    Lily Zhu - 朱云云


    • Managing Director, The George Institute, China

    Yunyun (Lily) Zhu Chief Representative of The George Institute for Global Health...

  • Vivekanand Jha

    Professor Vivekanand Jha


    • Executive Director, The George Institute for Global Health, India
    • Professor and Chair of Global Kidney Health, Imperial College, London
    • Conjoint Professor of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney
    • Professor, Prasanna school of Public Health, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, India
    • Immediate Past President (2019 – 2021) International Society of Nephrology

    Professor Vivekanand Jha is the Executive Director at The George Institute for Global...

  • Professor David Peiris

    Global Office

    • Chief Scientist and Director, Global Primary Health Care Program (Better Care)
    • Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

    David is the Chief Scientist for The George Institute for Global Health and Director...

  • Dr Clare Arnott

    A/Prof Clare Arnott

    • Co-Director, Better Treatments Program

    Dr Clare Arnott is the Co-Director of Global Chronic and Complex Diseases, at the...

  • Kent Buse

    Professor Kent Buse

    Global Office

    • Director, Global Healthier Societies Program
    • Professor, School of Public Health, Imperial College London

    Kent is a political-economist with research interests in health policy analysis and...

  • Emma Feeny

    Global Office

    • Director, Impact & Engagement

    Emma Feeny is Global Director of Impact & Engagement at The George Institute for...

  • Lindsay complin

    Lindsay Complin

    United Kingdom

    • Global Director, Communications and Marketing

    Lindsay Complin is Global Director for Communications and Marketing at The George...

  • Parisa

    Dr Parisa Glass


    • Director of Innovation and Enterprise, The George Institute for Global Health
    • Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

    Dr Parisa Glass is the Director of Innovation and Enterprise for The George Institute...

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