Neurology and mental health

The most sensitive instrument of the human body is the brain and the disorders that affect it. Disorders and diseases such as stroke, epilepsy, mood disorders, dementia and sleep apnoea, are each key areas of research carried out by The George Institute.


  • Professor Craig Anderson

    • Director, Brain Health Program, The George Institute
    • Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
  • Pallab Maulik

    Professor Pallab K. Maulik

    • Deputy Director and Director of Research
    • Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
    • Professor, Prasanna School of Public Health, Manipal Academy of Higher Education
    • Provost’s Visiting Professor of Mental Health, Imperial College London
  • Professor Maree Hackett

    • Program Head, Students and Fellows
    • Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
    • Professor of Epidemiology, The University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom