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FAQs - Imperial College London and The George Institute

Can you be more specific about the work that you will do together?

This collaboration will be mutually beneficial, supporting our shared research focus areas and strategic aims, with a particular focus on global health systems science.

In addition to the core focus on global health systems, we anticipate developing three complementary research programmes that address:

  1. the health of women and girls across the life-course;
  2. innovation in clinical care for the management of patients with common chronic and complex conditions, using large-scale clinical trial networks;
  3. healthcare entrepreneurship focused on the development and evaluation of business models that facilitate disruptive innovation in the development of low-cost health products and services.


I’m a researcher/student at Imperial College London and want to find out more about your work. How would you recommend I go about this?

Colleagues from The George Institute and the School of Public Health at Imperial College London will be hosting internal seminars to showcase existent and emerging work programmes. If you would like to join these, please contact: or

If you are interested in receiving general news, then please feel free to follow us on Twitter @georgeinstituteuk or @ImperialSPH and subscribe to our e-newsletter.


What is the nature of the collaboration?

At this stage, The George Institute and Imperial College London are entering an interim agreement for a period of 1 year. We will communicate the future nature of our relationship in early 2021.


What is the strategic vision of The George Institute for Global Health?

On 1 July 2019, The George Institute launched Strategy 2025 to guide growth over the next six years, including framing development of the centre in the UK. At its core, Strategy 2025 is all about impact – specifically, the impact of the Institute’s activities on the health of millions of people, particularly those living in disadvantaged circumstances in both rich and poor countries alike. You can view Strategy 2025 here.  


Where will The George Institute for Global Health be physically housed at Imperial College?

The George Institute for Global Health will have a physical office space at Imperial College London’s White City campus in west London.  


What is The George Institute for Global Health?

The George Institute for Global Health is an independent, not-for-profit, medical research organisation, established 20 years ago, with major centres in Australia, China, India and the UK and research programs in 45 countries worldwide. The Institute currently has more than 750 staff worldwide, has raised more than £600M for research and has established a for-profit, for-impact commercial organisation (headquartered in London) developing affordable healthcare solutions for emerging markets, backed by a private equity investment of £30M.


Who comprises The George Institute team joining Imperial College London?

This collaboration will foster links between Imperial College London academics and senior colleagues from across The George Institute. The George Institute will bring particular expertise in health systems research in both high and low- and middle-income countries. Specific areas of focus include cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, critical care medicine (sepsis), injury prevention, multimorbidity, sex and gender differences in health and m-health.


These FAQs were developed in support of news announcing our collaboration.