What are the existing gaps in knowledge and skills among researchers in LMICs, to effectively share and use COVID-19 research data

effectively share and use COVID-19 research data


  • To understand the training needs of LMIC researchers to effectively share, use and reuse COVID-19 research data
  • To scope out the elements for an online training resource on data sharing for LMIC researchers


Aims of workshop and introductions – Phaik Yeong Cheah, Oommen John

Session 1

What are the ethical imperatives of data sharing?  - Anant Bhan, Susan Bull

Current expectations for data sharing by funders and journals (including in the time of COVID-19) – Naomi Waithira

Session 2

What are the areas of support for the following? (virtual post-it session) – facilitated by Anne Osterrieder

  • Data collection
  • Data reuse and access
  • Data sharing

Session 3

What are the current available data sharing training materials/courses? (use chat function) - – facilitated by Anne Osterrieder

Presentation of draft modules for an e-course – Brian Mutinda and scoring exercise

Q&A and wrap up

A small token of appreciation will be given to workshop participants.

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