Stakeholder meeting: WHO guidance for best practices for clinical trials

Clinical Practice Guidelines

The George Institute will be hosting a stakeholder meeting on September 5th to discuss the forthcoming WHO guidance for best practices for clinical trials. Are you planning to engage with the public consultation on the draft guidance? Do you want to share key priorities and perspectives to improve the clinical trials ecosystem? What are the key barriers to overcome and solutions to get us there?

Time: 08:00am BST/09:00am CEST/12:30pm IST/ 05:00pm AEST

Date: Tuesday 5th September

The World Health Organization (WHO) is actively working on improving clinical trial practices, as they play a crucial role in gathering evidence for health interventions. In May 2022, the World Health Assembly (WHA) passed a resolution (WHA 75.8) encouraging all countries to enhance their capacity for conducting clinical trials. This resolution, proposed by Argentina, Peru, and the UK, urges governments to enhance various aspects of clinical trials and tasks the WHO with developing a global action plan to strengthen practice in this space.

To support the implementation of the resolution, WHO is revising existing and creating new guidance for Member States and other stakeholders on the design, execution, and strengthening of clinical trials. The George Institute provided input through a consultation in October 2022, and the draft guidance is now open for public comment until September 15, 2023.


This discussion will involve thought leaders in the clinical trials sphere to share key priorities for inclusion in the guidance and clarify any questions. Notable speakers include:

  • Professor Vivekand Jha, Executive Director, The George Institute for Global Health, India
  • Vasee Moorthy, Clinical Scientist and Cross-cutting Clinical Development Lead, World Health Organization
  • Clare Arnott, Co-Director of Global Chronic and Complex Diseases, at the George Institute for Global Health, Australia
  • Niveditha Devasenapathy, Leader, Better Treatments, The George Institute for Global Health India
  • Cheryl Carcel, Neurologist and Senior Research Fellow, The George Institute for Global Health, Australia

Next steps

If you're interested in attending the stakeholder discussion, please get in touch with Claudia Selin Batz (cbatz@georgeinstitute.org.uk), Policy and Advocacy Advisor, UK and Multilaterals at The George Institute for more information. This page will be updated with The George Institute’s submission to the public consultation on WHO’s guidance for best practices for clinical trials in due course.

Further reading

Learn more about WHA 75.8, including the collate mapping of relevant initiatives, tools and resources from the consultation here.

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